Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an extremely wide and exciting field of e-commerce - one of the core competencies of DeSight Studio. As part of a partner program between the merchant (seller) and the affiliate (partner - like the one you could become), agreements are made with regards to advertising placement, advertising content, sales platform, costs and provision. The affiliate portal is the only advertising space; the sales processing itself then takes place via the seller’s sales platform. Prominent example of this type of e-commerce: Amazon and the numerous amount of times Amazon is shown on external shops and websites.

DeSight Studio takes advantage of the numerous opportunities of affiliate marketing to help partners get more clicks and thus, a better search engine ranking and, naturally, significantly-greater sales. Defining the conditions for such partnerships is exciting in this industry. This is where DeSight CEO Dominik Waitzer particularly shines with years of experience and practical know-how.

Consulting & audit

Becoming acquainted with each other and perform an initial check on product, possibilities and demand. This basis serves as the foundation for a holistic concept related to e-commerce on a partnership basis.



Acquiring a partner

The right partner is the foundation for a successful concept implementation. DeSight Studio is more than happy to advise and support you in finding the right partner and negotiating the detail conditions.

Project conception

In which form, for how long and with what budget should affiliate marketing be carried out to be successful? DeSight Studio conceptualizes your partnership and optimally brings together merchant and affiliate.



Partner program

Do I use an existing partner program or a personalized partner program? Everything is possible with DeSight - and it can be reliably executed due to the years’ (international, too) worth of know-how.



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