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Agile work – sounds great!

What agile working means.
How not to do it.

Agile work – sounds great! However, in order to know exactly what is meant, a term definition is required in advance. In the industrial sector, “agile working” means strategically and consistently implemented lean management that aims to make production processes fluid and efficient. Agencies speak of “agile work” when you want to be particularly flexible, creative and out of the box thinking – which is unfortunately often the opposite of consistently implemented management.

So there won’t be any misunderstandings: Agility and flexibility are great – but at DeSight Studio we can only speak for ourselves and our highly personal interpretation of agility. We would like to make this clear to you in the following. So that you know right from the start what you can expect from the cooperation.

The first step is the fact that DeSight Studio is an owner-managed agency. Dominik and Carolina Waitzer are in charge of each project and make decisions quickly, directly and with full responsibility – without losing sight of deadlines, team compositions and estimated manpower. Coordination takes place directly between you as the client and us as the implementer – without any further detours top down or bottom up by profiling addicts in different hierarchical levels, who absolutely must give the course of the project their personal spin.

For us, project management means: “As little as possible, as much as necessary”. In other words, when we have hundreds of meetings to prove to each other how busy we all are on the project and then work through opaque tasks after 360-degree feedback. How much more pleasant is it to be able to take decisions easily by phone or WhatsApp when needed – because everyone involved simply knows that they can rely on each other. (It goes without saying that even unconventional decision paths are comprehensibly documented at DeSight Studio!

Structured work and agility do not have to be contradictory. Projects are clearly divided into sections, milestones are defined. But even on the occasion of such consultations, no unnecessary effort needs to be made to devour man-hours that would be better invested elsewhere. Agile work means for us that due to the ongoing coordination at the end of a project section no unexpected surprises arise any more. Easy as that!

Agility and flexibility are inseparably linked as long as the flexible implementations are within the defined project framework. Especially when implementing IT-projects, it is common that new specifications and additional features have to be implemented at short notice. Then it is necessary to redefine the scope, adjust deadlines if necessary and review the timetable. We are therefore talking about the fact that both sides – client and implementing agency – agree that agile action also means adapting the framework conditions. It is often of no help to anyone at the end of the day if only one-sided quick wins are achieved, while elsewhere the critical path is already left.

Many agencies promise more than they can keep and try to conceal the lack of communication at eye level by unnecessary hassle, meetings and administrative effort. Do the reality check yourself and watch how agencies talk about “agile working”.

DeSight Studio GmbH | Wolfgang Zdimal

This article was written by Journalist and professional copywriter Wolfgang Zdimal on behalf of DeSight Studio GmbH and published by DeSight Studio GmbH. Wolfgang Zdimal, who manages his business from Vienna, Austria, has more than 20 years of professional experience and writes for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, BAWAG P.S.K. Bank or just for DeSight Studio GmbH.

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