One of the most important areas of online marketing - and one of the core competencies of DeSight Studio CEO Dominik Waitzer - is conversion optimization (also known as conversion rate optimization - CRO). This includes all methods relating to increasing conversion and the conversion rate or “converting” users and simple website visitors into active and paying buyers and customers. Naturally, this “conversion” can not only be applied to revenue and purchases but also to other online activities: e.g. downloading files and documents, registering an account or ordering a newsletter. The important thing is that an activity and action be set.

Conversion optimization is the supreme discipline of online marketing for DeSight Studio. It still is a matter of increasing revenue in a targeted and controlled matter - it should never be left to chance. Conversion optimization is not a standalone discipline; rather - on the contrary - it is an interdisciplinary measure that is often implemented in conjunction with the development of E-commerce solutions, search engine optimization your own web presence, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and affiliate marketing.

Landing page optimization

A standalone website, fully in the style of the current campaign and the current presence? Then this web site should truly play all the parts - and be used for sales and revenue. DeSight Studio optimizes landing pages precisely for this purpose.



Online Shop Optimization

The online shop is the most important market place for truly making sales and earning money online. Here you can - and must - work and make optimizations in a reasonable manner in order to reach more users and gain more customers.

A/B Testing

Which detail is crucial to having more prospective customers make a purchase? An A/B test places two variants live online, and the result can be directly ascertained from sales. This is how optimizations are performed, step-by-step until the shop runs perfectly.



Multivariate tests

Which design, which functions and which details ensure that your customers will pounce on your offering? With multivariate tests, you can compare directly online and make ongoing optimizations. This is true sales increase without idle time.



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