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Set the focus.

Use logistics. Use the platform.

Marketplaces have some advantages over online shop solutions. On the one hand, the platform is already fully available for national and partly also international sales. On the other hand, existing fulfillment services can be used.

Many marketplaces also offer the retailer additional advantages such as integrated marketing tools, a fixed contact person, product managers who help with sales and outdoor advertising. Also, sizes such as Amazon or Rakuten offer fully integrated payment services, which also means enormous savings in time and initial costs. Ultimately, using a marketplace solution increases reach and territory enormously. Increase sales with the eCommerce agency DeSight Studio®.

Discover new potential.

Expand your portfolio. Increase sales.

Extend the product portfolio sustainably by extending borders and consolidate it with the eCommerce agency — a further advantage in the use of shopping platforms. The target group can be expanded almost without limits, mostly by far less intervention in existing structures as in regular online trading.

By outsourcing sub-areas such as agreeing to ongoing contracts with payment service providers, the mechanical structure, and ultimately the logistics relevant areas, the focus can be placed on selling the products. In return, however, the use of online shopping platforms usually incurs running costs as well as fees for each sale. Also, marketplaces are generally only suitable for selling, but not for strengthening the brand.


Product analysis.

Creating and defining portfolios.

The most important question is always “What do you want to sell?” – Because not every product is suitable for online trading.


Target groups. Categories.

“Where would you like to be found?” – The selection of the target group and the right category is, therefore, essential.

Demand analysis.

Creating framework conditions.

“Which payment methods should be using?” “How should the shop be presented?” “Where should it be delivered to?”


Shop. Content. Products.

Optimize product texts, perfect content, and visually exploit all possibilities.


Conditions. Prices.

Ongoing optimization of conditions, sales prices, and portfolio components round off the service profile.