Online shop

Where revenue is generated.
Know markets. Find a niche.

Sell products successfully.

Achieve revenue. Increase growth.

To establish an online shop as an additional sales channel – a fact that unfortunately often receives too little attention. More than half of all users are shopping online, while offline trading is experiencing a further slump in growth. As a result, of course, online shops are becoming more and more sophisticated, complicated, and, above all, more uncomplicated. Sustainable and future-oriented online trading requires the use of a renowned online shop system. Also, an enormous value must be placed on the perfect user interface and the resulting user experience to be successful. Ultimately, the checkout process must be simple, clear, and above all fast, so that the user becomes the buyer.

Optimize processes through online trading.

Internal processes. External processes.

To operate a successful online shop, it is often necessary to rethink, optimize, and improve the internal structures and processes as well as the resulting external processes, especially in the initial phase. Create a setup that simplifies and optimizes internal, external, digital, and analog processes and saves time and money. This fact can be seen as a not insignificant additional factor by the entrance into the online trade. In addition to the increase in sales, successful online merchants usually record enormous growth in terms of their employees, their profits and their business area within a relatively short period. Sell online and be successful. DeSight Studio®.



Understand the status. Recognizing potential.

Status Quo analysis to identify, understand, and use the dealer, their products, and their conditions.


User interface. User experience.

A shop lives from experience, which is why a perfect UI and the optimal experience must be given.


Magento. WooCommerce. Shopware.

The selection of the right system must be assigned a unique role, as this is the basis of online trading.


Testing. Improve. Repeat.

Before an eCommerce solution is released, detailed testing and optimization phases are also of particular relevance.


Publish and sell.

Support for the release of the eCommerce solution, product sales, communication, and brand building.