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Google is already the colloquial synonym for “search engine.” For a good reason, because Google is a comprehensive tool that – if used correctly – leads us very purposefully to the online information we are looking for. The prerequisite is that our input into the search mask is optimally formulated to limit the results displayed by Google accordingly. The detail on the side: Google processes almost 4 million search queries per minute; the Central European user uses Google on average 3.4 times per day.

For the Google search, it is sufficient to enter short search words. It is not necessary to formulate whole sentences or questions – although that would be possible. Upper and lower case is irrelevant. So if you are looking for the opening hours of a Christmas market in Munich, enter the search words Christmas Market Munich Opening Hours.

If the search results are to exclude the results for a specific term, this term must be entered in the input field with a minus sign in front of it. The search for Munich Christmas markets except on the Marienplatz (because it is always so crowded) must, therefore, be Christmas market Munich – Marienplatz.

Know how to search correctly on Google? Sounds simple, but often poses significant difficulties for many users. DeSight Studio has taken up the topic and reveals the best tips and tricks.

Word sequences
Entered search terms can be found in almost any place in the search results. So searching for Johnny Cash can lead to results with Johnny and results with Cash. If you search only for the musician, the terms should be entered using quotation marks as a related word sequence “Johnny Cash.”

Google filter
Google offers pre-defined filters to better rank the variety of search results. So you can sharpen your search terms on tabs like All Results, Pictures, News, Maps, Videos and More. Also, you can define further general conditions behind the Tools button.

Google does the calculations and conversions by entering the task directly into the search field. If you want to know how much 100 Euro is in dollars, type it in. So the answer to What time is it is also displayed directly in Google.

File types
The Internet does not only consist of websites. Many search results can also be retrieved in the form of documents stored on the Internet, such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or JPG. If you already know precisely what you are looking for, you can use the search term filetype: to exclude all other results. The search for filetype: pdf company returns as search result all PDFs that are related to the searched company.

On certain pages
Many websites are so confusing that one would like to search for the search terms (in the most real sense of the word) on them. Google is also suitable for this – often better than integrated search functions. For example, with, you can search for all articles on the DeSight Studio website that deal with eCommerce.

With these tips and tricks, you will reach your goal faster when searching the web, instead of getting lost in the infinite widths of the search results. At the same time, these hints also show how to optimize your online presence to appear at the top of the results list with the appropriate search method.

DeSight Studio GmbH | Wolfgang Zdimal

Journalist and professional copywriter Wolfgang Zdimal wrote this article on behalf of DeSight Studio GmbH and published by DeSight Studio GmbH. Wolfgang Zdimal, who manages his business from Vienna, Austria, has more than 20 years of professional experience and writes for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, BAWAG P.S.K. Bank or just for DeSight Studio GmbH.