Design in the sense of “form follows function”– where usability, easy understandability and usability for the user, is always the main priority. Visual design means making all disciplines and content visible in the digital world – but naturally in the offline world, too. It goes without saying that the possibilities are far greater in the digital world, particularly due to graphical effects and animations.

In the visual design area, DeSight Studio’s international network partners can show how a good design on the internet truly looks like. The difference is striking, and the success is reflected in the significantly-greater hit rates and conversions – particularly on commercial sites related to e-commerce, affiliate marketing and marketplace optimization. The best evidence is the more than 300 successfully-executed projects over the past 6 years!

Corporate design

The corporate image is the basis for all other graphical developments in many different media. DeSight Studio creates a solid foundation from which implementations in the online and offline world can be derived.



Graphic design

The graphical ideas are technically implemented using ultra-modern software that can be used internationally (including by external partners). DeSight Studio works with specialists here who have already proven their expertise for the largest markets in the world.


And how does that effectively work out? Websites, online shops, apps and all applications are digitally-simulated and refined in detail using mockups. Only when everything is right is when the programming behind the graphical scenes starts




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