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Be smart, think big!

Our motto, “Be smart, think big”, is a clear message: DeSight Studio clearly stands for comprehensive solutions that (technically) draw from an abundance of resources. With more than six years’ industry experience and an international network of partnerships and collaborations, we certainly know today that: You won’t get any half-heartedness or half-baked solutions from us.

You can expect the following from us:

  • The highest quality during analysis, planning and execution.
  • Full loyalty towards you as a customer and to your products.
  • 100% transparency with regard to technology, development and all financial matters.
  • Along with: Human contact with all participants that advance the project.

The DeSight Studio Team is young, ambitious and is filled with vigor. Our numerous testimonials around Europe’s most renowned markets speak for our expertise as a digital business accelerator.



A partnership begins with the first step

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We are connecting people, because we're smart & think big!

Our international cooperation network

In order to maintain the quality standard required by the market, we consistently develop all of our products using the latest technologies and with input from an internationally-established partner network - in addition, there is our years of expertise which stretches across various, different industries & areas -
In order to offer you the perfect product!

1 network, 5 countries

The international cooperation network, known under the pseudonym "DeSight Movement", extends over 5 country borders & continually expanding!

Intercontinental know-how

The diversity & the international know-how of the network is one of the points which can be enjoyed for you as a direct advantage!

International sales channels

The DeSight Movement enables, among other things, support in the development of international sales channels in different countries & regions!

Vuzum SRL
Vuzum SRL
Find Geek Online
Find Geek Online
Timme Hosting GmbH
Timme Hosting GmbH
Kontainer Media Design
Kontainer Media Design
Büro für Text & Konzeption
Büro für Text & Konzeption

First class support & service

Demanding, high quality and efficient!

The DeSight Studio Helpdesk allows you as a fast, efficient & first-class support! An advantage that you seldom enjoy - the one who offers bad service has lost control of there business!


Not only internally, but also for customers, it is absolutely necessary to offer a sustainable project management system. As a partner of DeSight Studio, you can enjoy this advantage.


Track your project progress, create, edit, and comment quickly & easily requests and tickets that are forwarded directly to your personal contact.



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