Where targeted advertising generates revenue.
Achieve range. Reach customers.

Paid search results.

Targeted advertising. Guaranteed placement.

The advantage of Pay per Click Marketing (also called search engine advertising) is that a guaranteed placement takes place with the right budget allocation by an online marketing agency. The high art in placing advertisements on Google and Facebook is the perfect bid placement. PPC Marketing is equally suitable for brand building for revenue generation. Advertising differs from search engine optimization and voice search optimization in its presence. Advertising is short-lived. Fast reactions are necessary, and the ongoing optimization is always in focus. In addition to rapid response and bid placement, pay per click marketing also has the motto of continually testing and optimizing ads.

Remarketing measures.

Reaching customers again. Generate buyers.

Remarketing measures are considered to be an enormously important element in search engine advertising alongside classic display advertising. Remarketing can reach potential customers and buyers who have already had a point of contact with the brand or product. The advantage is reflected in reaching the user in his familiar environment. By using targeted advertising measures on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, advertisers have the privilege of reaching users directly in their natural environment – their news feed. Due to the flooding of advertising to which users and customers are exposed, special attention is also paid to the visual preparation of advertising measures.



Budgets. Results.

Before the start of any measures, the online marketing agency carries out a thorough analysis of previous budgets and results.

Target setting.

Branding. Revenue.

A clear target must be defined – brand building campaigns differ from sales-driven campaigns.

Campaign planning.

Target group. Communication.

Which target group should be addressed and how should it be communicated with – campaign planning as a basis.


Reporting. Information.

The foundation of a functioning PPC marketing is the ongoing monitoring and supervision of the campaigns.


Budget. Testing.

Adjustment of bid distribution, exclusion of target groups, and testing of different ad models. A/B Testing.