Targeted in the results of search engines


Search engines, such as Google, not only have one function on the internet; rather, they are always communications and advertising platforms as well. It is accordingly exciting and recommendable to use this mix of function and media in order to use paid advertising to be directly present in the environment of organically-generated search engine results – ideally with a good ranking. Besides Google, of course, all other search engines offer online advertising opportunities, but due to its heavy market penetration, Google must be regarded as an absolute recommendation for placement as well.

DeSight Studio recommends running a determined search engine advertising (SEA) campaign via Google and other platforms in conjunction with search engine optimization of your own web presence. Mutual synergies are used here. This is due to the fact that the increased hit rates makes it easier to achieve a better ranking in conjunction with SEO actions due to search engine advertising. For DeSight Studio CEO Dominik Waitzer and the network partners implementing search engine advertising, creating an appropriate concept in conjunction with other SEO disciplines such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, content marketing and internal links is always a new, individual challenge.

Google AdWords

Online advertising campaigns based on Google’s advertising platforms and the ability to display very targeted advertising in Google’s search results using clearly-defined keywords: it can’t get better than this – and DeSight Studio agrees.



Mobile advertising

Advertise where it can hardly get more personal: on user’s mobile devices – smartphones and/or tablets. Targeted advertising via the operating system, device functions or apps.

Google Shopping

Direct price comparison on Google’s platform: everything is perfectly prepared for the user via Google AdWords. A shopping experience consisting of a mix of research, marketing and presentation – and, of course, better preparation by DeSight Studio.



Bing Ads

Microsoft’s Bing search engine also offers targeted advertising opportunities above and on results pages. A valuable supplement to the SEA marketing mix, whereas DeSight Studio uses synergies between Bing and AdWords here.


Users that do not yet know that they want to become purchasers? The user’s online behavior is recorded using a retargeting concept – the prospective customers are then fetched in other areas with specific offers.



Display marketing

What does it take for search engine advertising (SEA) to run beautifully and well? The best course of action is a professionally-prepared display marketing campaign by DeSight Studio: cleanly-prepared online graphics.



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