Having your own web presence – web site or online shop – appear at the very top of the search engine rankings at Google and other search engines: That is the dream of any website operator and any participant in the network of networks. There can obviously only be one top-ranked page – and even the first positions in search engine results are rarely seen. It’s even more important to optimally prepare everything from the start so that not only are customers well-informed but search engines and their crawlers can accordingly index and display your site in the rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) of web presences is one of the core competencies of DeSight Studio CEO Dominik Waitzer and the international network partners. After a preliminary, comprehensive analysis, they produce a concept – online and offline – for optimally preparing the web presence for both users and Google bots. Using the appropriate, precisely-chosen keywords and the right placement of these keywords in the content, your website – and every sub-page/product/blog entry – can be very precisely prepared for the aforementioned purpose.

Consulting & audit

A comprehensive analysis of the planned – or existing – web presence shows how well the site is already prepared for search engine optimization and which subsequent steps need to be taken.



On-page optimization

During the course of on-page optimization, the actual site content is edited and adapted to the latest findings related to Google algorithms. This step is ideally carried out during the course of content re-creation.

Off-page optimization

Search engine optimization beyond the letters and content on the sites – a lot of “behind the scenes” website optimization is done here, e.g. linking the sites to each other or to external sites – and back.



Content marketing

The better the content is prepared and the clearer and more customer-friendly it is formulated for the user, the higher Google will rank the web presence. Content marketing actually deals with content details that lead to success.

Link building

Linking within your own web presence, to external sites and from external sites are crucial for showing the importance of your own website. Such a concept can be planned and constructed in a targeted manner.




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