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"Be smart, think big!" - Our motto, especially in the area of ​​infrastructure and professionalism behind our technical solutions. We at DeSight Studio could provide you the "best" product anywhere in the world - if this is not online or unreliable, it loses strength, meaning and sales! From this point of view, we have tested countless providers in a very extensive selection process, personally managed by our CEO Dominik Waitzer, and defined a strong partner in Germany as the primary cooperation partner in the area of ​​server & hosting: Timme Hosting GmbH & Co. KG.

DeSight Studio works accordingly with one of the leading domain and hosting providers in Europe. For us & especially for you as our customers, this means to obtain enormously high quality at a favorable price. This is ensured not least by the own technical infrastructure and quality equipment, our own software development department and a technically experienced support team.

What are the advantages of being a DeSight Studio GmbH customer:

High-speed hosting for your app, your online store or your website, guaranteed availability & first class service!

  • Compared to other providers in the field of server, hosting & domains, we act like Facebook, GitHub, Dropbox, and much more - with extremely fast   nginx servers instead of outdated Apache servers, which are still in use today at 9 out of 10 hosting providers.
  • Well-known vendors such as 1&1, Strato, etc. already use regular HDD hard drives - DeSight Studio swears on SSD and NVM hard drives, which have a speed up to 36x.
  • Most website-operators host there website on shared server hosting packages, which they must share with countless other operators - DeSight Studio, provides guaranteed resources & assures no overbooking!
  • The in-house ISP control panel allows you to manage your hosting package, domains, etc. quickly and easily - for example, to create new domains, set up new e-mail accounts and much more.
  • We take the issue of security very seriously - so we also create a daily backup of our servers, which is stored for 7 days in order to be able to react in the event of an incident
  • You have the choice - choose from over 90 different domain extensions & simply order them in your management interface
  • Choose between one of our 4 hosting packages or make a non-binding request for an individual hosting package

Since 2017, DeSight Studio also offers agencies and hosting providers a cost-effective reseller option - Brand your administrative interface with your own brand or logo, distribute your own products and enjoy the clear Advantage that you do not have to worry about (almost)! You take care of your packages, your customers & your domains - we take care of the availability, the server maintenance and all other concerns! Ask today for a non-binding quote or request a free demo account!

nginx server compared to traditional hosting(-vendors)

nginx delivers pages up to 4x faster than conventional web servers!

”We have no tricks, backdoors or unexpected, multiple costs for services. Everything is transparent and designed in an open manner. You will be satisfied with us, because if you need anything, the team at DeSight Studio is at your service for you and your online success.” Quite frankly: That sounds good to us. And it should sound even better to you!

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