Social media – platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – not only serve to network users but also offer advertiser companies a plethora of opportunities to reach and address clearly-defined target audiences in an extremely-precise manner. Due to the availability of data on personal user profiles, social media marketing allows for truly targeted communication that, on the one hand, can be controlled down to the smallest detail and, on the other hand, can be tracked.

For DeSight Studio, social media is a fixed component of the modern marketing mix. CEO Dominik Waitzer and the network partners with international experience incorporate the appropriate platforms into a tailor-made communications concept from the very start and put together individual packages as functional online solutions.

Facebook advertising

Advertise directly where the user voluntarily shares pretty much every little detail form their life – a unique environment where you can precisely place your own (advertising) message. Of course, this is done with all the possibilities offered by targeting.



YouTube advertising

Pure videos and emotion – with targeted advertising and content in-between, which directly links to the appropriate content. YouTube offers many different options to actively and passively communicate with users.


This tweeting service opens up a whole new set of possibilities for addressing users –and advertising on one of the most influential communication channels in the world. Anyone who follows here does so actively and knowingly requests information.




Self-staging via pictures and photos, combined with presenting yourself in many personal facets of your life. Advertising on Instagram offers a lot of room for creativity and active participation from other users of the Instagram platform.



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