No hold times. Just a few swipes, and you have your appointment.

Discover the simpler & faster way to schedule

The instant, fun mobile appointment setting tool that says goodbye to hold times.

Note: Instant appointments are between users and signed up businesses. If your favorite business has not signed up with us yet, let them know about us and tell them you referred them so we know who to thank!

CrowdClock is an instant appointment setting cloud-based platform that makes appointment setting between you and your favorite business instantaneous. With just a few simple swipes you can find any business you like and set an instant appointment with them. Every appointment made is synced to your iCal. Gone are the days of being put on hold when trying to set an appointment with your favorite service provider. Every appointment you set comes also with an automatic reminder asking you confirm or cancel the set appointment. You no longer have to be bothered by phone or email asking whether you will make a scheduled appointment or not.

  • CrowdClock also lets you plan activities with your friends with just a few swipes of your finger.
  • Every appointment reminder or appointment request from your friends comes with push notifications.
  • CrowdClock also lets you to easily communicate with both your service providers and friends.
  • CrowdClock is the future of appointment setting. No hold times. Just a few swipes, and you have your appointment.

Also visit the website of CrowdClock!

This project is part of the international cooperation network of the DeSight Group, the DeSight Movement.

This project was implemented together with our partners of iColdo.

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