The country of good wine Austria writes for many years an unparalleled success story!

Austrian Sparkling Association

Austrian sparkling wine shows its colors! The country of wine Austria writes for many years an unparalleled success story. Not even champagne has its share, but ten percent of the domestic   wine are vinified as a base wine for sparkling wine - rising. We are on a journey to a new sparkling wine age. There is a general optimism in the domestic sparkling wine production, which is attributable primarily to the Austrian sparkling wine producers. Because with its excellent sparkling specialties they awaken the desire among consumers, to discover for themselves the domestic top-quality product. It stands for highest quality and enjoys a brand great confidence. Austrian sparkling looks   Thus, contrary to a successful sparkling future.

The brand new website of Austrian sparkling Committee's went in time for the Day of Austrian sparkling wine on October 22, 2015 online! [Nbsp] It was to realize an honor together with the Austrian Sekt Committee & the chairman of this great project!

Currently devoted to Austria in 114 companies with around 500 employees manufacturing and sparkling wines. Another 3,000 companies are active as suppliers of raw materials (grapes or base wines). Together generates the Austrian sparkling wine industry 55 million euros, thus securing 1,300 jobs.



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