Every guest in the house "Zum Schwarzen Kameel"

experienced a small, precious world of culinary delights!

The Black Kameel is one of the most important local institutions of Vienna - Mr. Friese stands upright at the counter near its hub with telephone and reservation list, always ready to take care of the next request. He speaks so softly that you have to lean forward a bit to understand him in his own restaurant. But if Mr. Friese "camel" says, then his eyes light up and he can not help but smile a little. "My little camel."

The black camel to expand its inpatient gastronomy as well as its trade to the eCommerce. The difficulty with the said project lies with the current state of technology to seamlessly link the existing infrastructure and to make the customer management as easy as possible.

Together with the infrastructure experts of Schwarzen Kameel a new infrastructure solution has been created, which is a front-end web store on Magento. The site itself is based on the CMS capability of Magento. As enterprise resource planning system software was Mesonic range covered. Fits to the Schwarzen Kameel was a new coat of paint, a mix of ancient tradition & modern flat- / Material Design, missed.



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