Web analysis is one of the most pivotal tools that is used by DeSight Studio – mainly by DeSight Studio CEO Dominik Waitzer – for monitoring measures. What is web analysis specifically used for now? This analysis documents user behavior in black and white. Hit rates and information regarding user behavior are collected and analyzed as part of this traffic analysis or web control. This lets you derive both the status quo and the appropriate improvement potential.

Hit rates (KPI – Key Performance Indicators) are parameters that are compared with either industry-specific comparative figures or hit rates from earlier periods. This lets you deduce an increasing or decreasing trend. Dominik Waitzer and the network team from DeSight Studio draw the right conclusions from this web analysis and coordinate measures such as landing page optimization, online shop optimization as well as on-page optimization and link building.


Tracking user figures – good and well But which figures should be tracked that are meaningful for you and your goals? And how are the figures analyzed in order to draw the proper conclusions from them?




Tracking is not everything – like everwhere in targeted communication and e-commerce, it requires a conclusive concept. Using the right basis, you can guide DeSight’s web analysis directly to your (sales) goals.


Which tracking tool for web analysis is the right one for your purposes. The online specialists at DeSight Studio put together the right analysis measures for you and implement the entire package for your web presence.



Tool selection

Hit rates, lengths of stay, bounce rates, conversion rates...(almost) all user activities can be tracked on your site using the right tools. We help you find the right tools in this “jungle of endless possibilities”.

Quality assurance

The results are there. But what do they mean now? DeSight Studio helps you properly interpret the numbers and facts and continually assess them. This analysis is used for quality assurance and ongoing optimization of your web presence.



Dashboard & reports

Of course, the important thing is the (simple) depiction and documentation. To that end, DeSight Studio recommends a mix of digital preparation and solid figures on paper (or PDF). This ensures that your web development remains transparent and understandable.

Tag management

Tag managements makes it quick, easy – and naturally transparent – to set up your web presence. DeSight Studio uses tag management systems to continually keep web sites and online shops up to date and ideally maintained for SEO.




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