For a long time already, a personalized web presence is not “merely” a website or an online shop in the network of networks. Anyone who truly wants to be ahead here and wishes to make customers out of users will rely on tailor-made individualism with noticeable added value in usage. It’s clear that “off-the-shelf” solutions are not enough for this – and, by the way, DeSight Studio has never offered them either. Quite the contrary: anyone who speaks with CEO Dominik Waitzer and his international network partners will quickly notice that he or she is dealing with proven professionals in their field.

The field of web development includes all services and actions that make your web presence unique – and uniquely effective. And, as a matter of fact, it is accomplished using solutions that are custom-programmed for you and your solutions, functions that make you stand out from other sellers and strong backing thanks to DeSight Studio’s ongoing assistance.

eCommerce solutions

Everyone talks about the “internet marketplace”. But what is it? And how does it look like? At DeSight Studio, the right solutions are developed that precisely match your framework conditions in order to make you and your services/products successful.



Content management systems (CMS)

Topicality and innovatory value – these are the values that you are evaluated against on the internet. Using the appropriate content management systems (CMS), you and/or developers can add content in a simple and understandable manner.

Multi-channel solutions

Like in the offline world, the ideal mix of media is also important in the online world as the key to success. In addition to web presences such as a website and webshop,  DeSight Studio opens up the use of communication channels such as mobile apps, blogs or posts on platforms.



Social – media development

Having a mere presence on social media channels is no longer enough for demanding sellers. Together with DeSight Studio, new solutions are developed that contain custom-programmed apps, games, functions and links.



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