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It’s a five-star article

The days are over when customers rely on their feelings to make purchasing decisions. Today, the (moderate) dictates of customer ratings, general ratings, and reviews govern. Studies show that products and services with customer ratings have a significantly better conversion rate than those without external...

The Digitization

The digitalization of our (working) everyday life is no longer a topic for discussion, and it is already a fact. Nevertheless - or precisely because of this - it is important to question their development critically, their opportunities, and their risks time and again. For...

Corporate Design

The development of corporate design is one of the most exciting challenges. It is all about casting everything a company stands for in the form, color, and words and communicating it in a highly concentrated way. At the same time, this creative construct must also...

Google correctly

Google is already the colloquial synonym for "search engine." For a good reason, because Google is a comprehensive tool that - if used correctly - leads us very purposefully to the online information we are looking for. The prerequisite is that our input into the...

Micromoments and microinteractions

"It depends on the small things of life" - this motto is especially true in the vast online world. Especially today, when individualized distinctions are needed in apps and websites to stand out from the (often unmanageable) crowd. Especially when functions are the same, micro-moments...