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Digital Trends 2019

First of all: Of course, we don't have a glass ball with which to look into the future and sell this exclusive wisdom to our agency customers. Of course, we have something better: With our screens, we see directly (and live) the current development in...

Donald Trump vs. Google

Fake news or an incorruptible algorithm? For Donald Trump, it's clear: Google influences and controls people's opinions by increasingly displaying results that don't flatter the president. For example, his image is ranked first if you're looking for "idiot"; his speech on the state of the...

Services of a major agency

The experts have always argued about how big, how well-known, how internationally networked and how hot an agency should be to be invited or even commissioned for a pitch. Some believe that only major agencies and agency networks can work reliably because they ensure that...

Agile work – sounds great!

Agile work - sounds great! However, in order to know exactly what is meant, a term definition is required in advance. In the industrial sector, "agile working" means strategically and consistently implemented lean management that aims to make production processes fluid and efficient. Agencies speak...