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eCommerce without limits – The online trade allows the provider to offer the product portfolio worldwide and to expand the target group almost infinitely without any barriers. In contrast to offline trading, which requires high investments in the area of customer experience and customer loyalty, costs, and effort in eCommerce remain comparatively low.

Not least, for this reason, it is essential for providers who offer products or services to be present in eCommerce. The increase of brand awareness, the doubling of sales and the multiplication of one’s reach are, besides many other factors, arguments which speak in favor of one’s online shop or one’s marketplace solution.

Win customers. Increase sales.

Experience. Retain customers.

93% of global eCommerce users attach great importance to user-friendliness and the shopping experience. For this reason alone, the right eCommerce partner is crucial for success or failure. The days of prefabricated shop solutions are a thing of the past – factors such as aesthetics, a simple checkout process, and customer loyalty are the most important.

In addition to additional revenues, eCommerce can be used to increase brand awareness and, more importantly, to strengthen trust in the brand. However, this requires sophisticated planning and an individual eCommerce solution that stands out from the competition.


Online Shop.

An own online shop as key to success – no matter if a profound B2B solution based on Magento, a smaller shop solution based on Shopware or an eCommerce solution based on WooCommerce, which shines with perfect user experience.

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Simple setup, secure handling, little effort, and an enormously high reach – marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten or eBay allow the distribution of products on an international level without high initial effort at low costs.

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